The Storytelling Forum
About the Storytelling Forum

There is a wealth of stories in the Fletcher community. We each carry with us the stories of those alongside whom we have worked, those we have served, those we happened to sit next to on a bus, those who have led and taught us. We carry with us moments that have challenged our understanding of ourselves and the world, caused our hearts to break or love, and touched us in ways we understand or seek to. In class, we use these stories and the experiences they have informed to learn how to become more effective practitioners in our chosen fields. We tell the stories of others, be they agencies or individuals, foreign or similar to us.

In this forum, we will tell our own stories. How have members of this community experienced grief and loss? How do we make our peace with the loneliness that pervades field work? How do we reconcile our passion for our chosen work with the challenges it can present for our personal lives? How do we carry with us the heartbreaking or inspiring stories and moments shared with people who cross our paths? Through stories, we hope to increase our awareness of our common and shared experiences – and to find inspiration from the divergences of stories where those experiences differ. 

How the idea was born

Roxanne and Katherine share an interest in the themes of memory, conflict, and vulnerability and a passion for the art and craft of storytelling. Inspired by conversations with their classmates about the personal dimensions of our chosen work and life paths, they wanted to create a forum to share those experiences and navigate the more intimate parameters of the pursuits that motivate each of us. 

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