The Storytelling Forum

Who is telling these stories? We are! This is a forum for students to share their own experiences and tell their own stories, and the stories of those who have influenced their lives. Why would we want to do that? Because we believe in the power of stories, and wanted to carve out space for them. More here.

Do I have to share? Can I just listen? Sharing stories becomes more powerful when participants in the discussion engage and contribute — but you can share to the extent that you are willing and comfortable!

What are some of the topics I can look forward to discussing? Since its inception, the Storytelling Forum has tackled topics such as “when work becomes personal”, the solitude and companionship we seek in an international life, and notions of family and home. We are looking forward to discussing uncertainty and transitions, grief and loss, endings and beginnings, moments that humble or inspire us, and more topics of your choosing in the future!

What sorts of stories did you have in mind? The moderator will provide some guiding questions for reflection, but the format is open and flexible for people to tell stories in any way they are inspired to. This is an informal attempt to discuss what we care about — in the way we would in our living room with friends, at a coffee shop, or in an email to loved ones. If you are seeking storytelling inspiration, wander over to our Storytelling Resources page.

Why are you limiting the groups to 20 people per night? We feel that this will enable everyone to share and listen meaningfully and to engage with the discussion in a way that makes everyone feel included. There will be many, many opportunities to participate in subsequent storytelling nights. If you want to join the waitlist for an event after it has reached its attendance cap, email us!

What can I do to prepare? We will circulate some reflection questions to the participants of every storytelling night, as well as some resources they can browse if they are seeking inspiration. Beyond that, show up ready to share and listen!

How can I nominate a topic for a storytelling night? The Fletcher community can suggest future topics for discussion. Existing ideas for future storytelling nights include the joys and challenges of an international life, questions of loneliness, solitude and love, navigating grief and loss, understanding gender and race, and more! Want to submit your own? Email Katherine and Roxanne!

I am nervous this will be awkward. So are we. We are embracing the uncertainty and vulnerability of stories, and the inspiration we can draw from each other. Take a leap of faith and join us.

I am sold. Sign me up! Announcements about storytelling nights will be posted on the Social List and on this blog — so watch this space! We ask that you RSVP only if you are certain you can attend and if you can be present for the 2 hours of the event. 

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