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When Work Becomes Personal

We will continue to populate this page with resources related to work becoming personal, stemming from our discussion at the first Storytelling Forum on November 14, 2012. Feel free to email us resources you’d like included.

Mindfulness for NGOs is a blog-initiative to raise awareness on the psychological pressures and challenges aid workers and other service-based professionals face. Browse the archives for more.

A paper on resilience of humanitarian workers.

Similarly, an academic study on burnout and psychological stress for aid workers.

A discussion on “Compassion Fatigue" and vicarious trauma.

Jessica Jackley, the founder of Kiva (TED) talks about a lot of what we addressed in our discussion: “Poverty, Money — and Love.

Becoming a freelance diplomat?

Why work doesn’t happen at work.


Send us your favorite articles, thoughts, blogs, and talks and we will update this list!

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