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Notions of Family, Notions of Home

Thank you all for your participation in the Storytelling Forum on “Notions of Family, Notions of Home.” We greatly enjoyed sharing stories with you! See below for some of our favorite resources on the topic — and we’d always love to hear your own!


Andre Aciman’s, Alibis: Essays on Elsewhere is a collection of essays on the notions of home and away, motivated by the author’s experiences with immigration, wandering, family, and travel.

Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introvertswas suggested by a fellow student for inclusion on this list. It was also voted to be on of the best books of 2012.

Another fantastic suggestion by a fellow student: A documentary on Rites of Passage.

Michael Shapiro, A Sense of PlaceTravel writers from Pico Iyer to Paul Theroux and Isabel Allende talk about their craft — and about the art of making a home (or abandoning the search for one in favor of a more nomadic life).

This American Life, “Will They Know Me Back Home?” A segment devoted to “stories of people who’ve grown so accustomed to wartime that the lives they’ve left behind no longer make sense.” Stories range from an Iraqi translator to a US war veteran.

Isabel Allende, My Invented Country. Stunningly beautiful memoir.

This American Life, ”Away from Home.” Stories of people “going home to places they’ve never been before.”

{Some of} Roxanne’s thoughts: Making Homes Out of Numbness | The Involved Places | Crumbs of Home | When the Bookmarks Change

Steve McCurry photographs “Going Home.”


What would you add to the list? What conjures home and family to you? 

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